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MSc Biosciences Research Associate Post Vacant @ Syngene

Syngene is hiring msc biochemistry, microbiology and biotechnology candidates for a Research Associate position which can be applied for online. Check the details on the positions available, the job description, the key responsibilities, work experience, functional experience all below:

Designation: Research Associate

ID: 3019

Job Purpose: To be a part of this molecular biology group and will be accountable for carrying out laboratory activities pertaining to job needs and record them.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Design, create and implement antibody V-gene sequencing out of hybridoma cells
  • Design, create and implement antibody V-gene sequencing from only antigen specific B cells from various species such as Individual, mice, rabbits and rat
  • Perform dependable RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis and PCR reactions.
  • Willing to trouble-shoot effectively with several parameters for to strings.
  • Great at primer design for unique species specific genes using online tools and from extensive literature research. Primer design for PCR and real time PCR reactions.
  • Sophisticated and prepared to learn new tactics both in molecular biology and also in cross-functional places.
  • Capability to accommodate customer needs – prepared to learn new procedures and create PCR methods to deal with needs.
  • Successful record keeping and information management.
  • Have excellent presentation and written abilities — communicate efficiently to customers and staff members and compose reports
  • Function as part of an Extremely collaborative interdisciplinary staff in an integrated study lab
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Educational Qualification: M.Sc Biochemistry/Microbiology/Biotechnology

Work Experience: 4-5 years

Technical/Functional Skills:

  • Well versed with Molecular Biology Methods.
  • PCRs, Plasmid Isolation, Website directed Mutagenesis
  • Gene synthesis and Cloning Methods.
  • Fundamental bioinformatics tools

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