Production Officer Post for Food Tech Candidates @ Britannia
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Production Officer Post for Food Tech Candidates @ Britannia

If you are form a Diploma background with Food Technology as a qualification, then make sure you apply online for a Officer in Production. Production Officer post for food technology candidates is available at Britannia. Interested candidates can apply according to the details that have been posted below:

Title : Production Officer

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Experience : 5 – 6 Years

Location : Khurda, IN

Educational Qualification : Diploma Holder in Food Processing/ Food Technology

Key Responsibilities:

  • Observing the general assembling and packing activities on the shop floor.
  • In charge of everyday issues identified with day issues, fabricating anomalies and so on.
  • Contact with support dept, Stores and HR.
  • Shift wise Wastage control following and recording.
  • Viable observing of machine accessibility and tie up with support amid breakdown
  • Coordination with packing activities to get most extreme productivity in a shift
  • Production input Vs packing output analysis
  • Utilization of Statistical device like TQM, TPM and so on.,
  • Effective labor dealing with
  • Enthusiasm to learn automation.

Related Responsibilities:

  • Other than the previously mentioned center exercises the hopeful is likewise anticipated that would exhibit a magnificence in:
  • Preparing the laborers on ISO standards, wastage control and working parameters.
  • Taking control of the general shift organization and successful shift keeping an eye on and participation administration.
  • Occasionally directing different internal reviews with the quality to guarantee biscuit quality.
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Wanted Competencies:

  • Specialized learning to take care of machines
  • Labor management aptitudes
  • learning of food safety
  • Correspondence skill
  • Adaptable way to deal with routine audits with quality for biscuits.

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