BSc Life Sciences Research Technician Post Vacant @ inStem, Bengaluru
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BSc Life Sciences Research Technician Post Vacant @ inStem, Bengaluru

BSc life sciences research jobs at inStem, Bengaluru. inStem, Bengaluru is hiring bsc candidates for a research technician position. inStem, Bengaluru jobs for bsc life sciences candidates. Research Technician position for bsc life sciences candidates at inStem, Bengaluru. Check out all of the details on the same below:

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Post Name : Research/Laboratory Technician with the Tata Institute of Genetics and Society, inStem,Bangalore, Karnataka.

Job Description:

Under the overall supervision of this Insectary Manager, the insectary laboratory technician will participate in the rearing and transgenesis experiments of mosquito vectors of diseases, functioning together with insectary staff along with the insectary manager in the upkeep of mosquito colonies utilized in experiments, maintenance of vertebrate animals used to nourish insects, in addition to keeping records of experiments. Additionally, the incumbent must be prepared to utilize vertebrate animals and mosquitoes, and don’t have any allergies to.

Specific activities of the insectary laboratory technician comprise assembling disposable mosquito cages and/or keeping Bugdorm cages, supplying sucrose to adult mosquitoes as necessary, which makes larval food, choosing pupae, cutting and autoclaving egg paper, drying egg papers, feeding with Hemotek feeding systems, keeping eggs for colonies, tracking vertebrate animals used for blood feeding when utilized, filling humidifiers as needed, and maintaining records of maintenance responsibilities and experiments. The incumbent is accountable for adhering to all Standard Operating Procedures and security conditions for the lab and insectary.

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Functions and Tasks:

I. Maintain mosquito colonies

  1. Assist with feedings of adult mosquitoes with sugar water, artificial membrane blood feeding, and live mouse blood feeding
  2. Assist in the maintenance of mosquitoes from egg stage throughout hatching, larvae, pupae, emerging adult mosquitoes, and further egg laying.
  3. Construct disposable mosquito cages
  4. Maintain detailed documentation of maintenance tasks
  5. Follow SOPs for mosquito colony maintenance

II. Assist with routine maintenance and safety inspections

  1. Assist in keeping insectary readiness for all safety inspections, including filing paperwork, obtaining licenses, and maintaining all IBSC and IAEC approvals up-to-date
  2. Help with routine maintenance of insectary and insectary equipment
  3. Assist in the maintenance of proper shares of all supplies, such as bovine blood for mosquito blood feeds
  4. Ensure that the Greatest levels of safety, cleanliness and orderliness are fulfilled at all times
  5. Adhere to all SOPs for insectary safety and organization
  6. Maintain humidifiers filled, as needed

III. Assist with laboratory experiments to support research staff

  1. Assist with small-format cage trial experiments looking at gene-drive mechanisms in mosquitoes
  2. Assist with lab processes, including by not limited to, PCR and centrifugation
  3. Record, analyze, and prepare data for presentations and publications. Provide regular updates at lab meetings

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

C Experience with general lab equipment such as centrifuges, gel electrophores is devices, power supplies, spectrophotometers, PC and Mac computers
D Excellent written and oral communication skills with the ability to present data and insectary-related updates on a regular basis
E Outstanding organization and record-keeping skills
F Outstanding interpersonal skills, ability to work with a diverse group of individuals, and communicate clearly to promote positive connections
A Knowledge of mosquito biology, care, and best practices associated with mosquito husbandry
B Knowledge of basic and population genetics
G Experience with vertebrate animals used to feed insects
H Knowledge of basic biochemistry, chemistry, and basic molecular biology methods such as PCR, oligonucleotide primer design, DNA sequencing, plasmid preparations, restriction enzyme digestions, sterile techniques media planning, and statistical evaluation.

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Essential Qualifications

B.Sc in Life Sciences subjects and two years work experience in the field of entomology and mosquito handling.

How to Apply: 

Applicants are asked to send a cv, email address, skype ID, list of references with contact information, contact number and a letter describing your interest and qualifications for the job. Applications should be sent to [email protected].

Application deadline : Closing date May 25, 2018

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