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Post Name : Executive Quality Control (Microbiologist) Bharuch

Job Ref : 124175BR

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Eligibility : M.Sc. / B.Tech. (Food)/ Microbiologist with at least 3-4 years of experience preferably in FMCG environment

Job Description

The Main Purpose of the Role

  • Manage plant supplier quality assurance and pant GMP, micro biological testing
  • Communicate all quality processes and controls and enable execution to ensure timely startup
  • Ensure Occupational safety at work in the plant in shifts in activities related to quality
  • Implement key controls and SOPs related to Quality Control
  • Lead line Quality performance improvement and demonstrate improved Quality Scores.
  • Drive Manage TPM and M&W activities in Quality domain
  • Drive high quality people processes for associates in quality department
  • During Project phase : partner in startup and commissioning activity
  • Drive SQA program
  • Drive AIB, HACCP processes

Accountabilities: list in priority order the main accountabilities/deliverables of the role, including key measures.

  • Communicate all Quality Processes and Controls and enable execution to ensure timely startup
  • Responsibility for Quality Assurance from the stage of raw material to finished product
  • Ensuring PAP scores at Target
  • Ensuring product quality at standard with Quality best practices
  • Safety and upkeep of the assets of the organization
  • Ensure C&C costs within AOP
  • Update/Use SAP MM module and M&W
  • Proactively plan and execute Maintenance Schedules in QC
  • Lead and Manage Projects to ensure that business objectives are delivered
  • Ensure IQA facility and Standards as per Plan
  • Micro testing
  • Ensuring water quality is maintained under the water conservation recovery system
  • Ensure BIS,PFA and FPO compliance in place
  • Support delivery of production volumes planned in shift
  • Manage Shift Quality Control Activities as per production needs
  • Deploy QC Officers and NPCI in QC related areas
  • Ensure WTP operations compliance through ‘Inspection’ and ‘Work -With’ the Shift Officers/ Operators
  • Ensure 5 steps FM process complied on line during the shift
  • Ensure all planned syrup orders in SAP are confirmed
  • Ensure Chemical and Consumables usage and Tracking happen as per AOP needs
  • Approve any manpower requisitions and ensure as per budgeted template. Seek approval for requirement over and above budgeted allocation
  • Manage Food Safety compliance during shift
  • Review all Quality line data, C&C Data and Concentrate Yields from respective Records and follow up for corrections/ Improvement
  • Coordinate with Shift Production In charge on actions requiring interventions in order to improve Quality of product/Process. Escalate issues as needed to Coordinator/ QC Manager for resolution
  • Ensure handshake between shipping and production for quarantined Stocks
  • Ensure preventive maintenance plan compliance
  • Ensure no FDT (Filler Downtime) due to non-availability of syrup and water
  • Confirm CIP and machine foaming in accordance with CIP matrix and quality recommendation
  • Execution of trials as per plan
  • Drive AIB and TPM culture.
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Ensure Occupational safety at work in the plant in shifts in activities related to quality:

  • Record and investigate injuries
  • Identify unsafe conditions through planned inspections (e.g. malfunctioning safeties, wet floors, unguarded machinery, hot surfaces, sharp edges, unprotected working platforms, bare/loose wires etc.)
  • Counsel people following unsafe work practices (Stop unsafe practices)
  • Risk Assessment in relevant areas, Work place inspection, check Machine guarding, implement Permit to Work, Lock out and Tag out (LOTO) usage and ensure PPE usage

Implement key controls and SOPs related to Quality Control:-

  • Carryout Equipment Calibration as per Schedule
  • Implement Process key controls are maintained through Inspection Work-With at production line or at laboratory
  • Sign off I2 Compliance along with Production Coordinator and ensure accurate accounting of production
  • Review all line records to ensure compliance to Quality and follow up for appropriate actions
  • Segregate quarantine stocks and facilitate inspection and disposition

Lead line Quality performance improvement and demonstrate improved Quality Scores:-

  • Analyze executional (day-to-day) performance issues and discuss in daily department reviews
  • Investigation of drop in yields.
  • Identify Key issues affecting Quality and follow up for correction
  • Review Channo Quality Scores and plan for actions and demonstrate improvement.

Manage TPM and M&W activities in Quality domain


  • 5S of areas surrounding line equipment and process areas
  • Ensure daily meeting of JH circles
  • Why-Why analysis of quality defects and yield loss.
  • Ensure QM Pillar activities
  • Weekly review with circle Teams
  • Monthly review and progress update to QC Manager
  • Reduction of Quality issues on account of breakdown, accidents and defects
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Drive high quality people processes for Associates in Quality department

  • Shift scheduling of associates
  • Provide guidelines for leave planning for associates
  • Approve Associate
  • On – boarding of associates in shift operations
  • Grievance Handling for associates
  • Reporting of Disciplinary issues
  • B2B and QC Tools trainings of Associates and also evaluate multi skill progression
  • ‘Hands-on’ training of QC Associates on SAP order confirmation
  • Drive associate engagement through periodic connect and R&R


  • GV, Brix/ TA, Net Content etc.
  • Concentrate Yield/Sugar Delta
  • Microbiologic Control Data
  • Channo Quality Score
  • Clean Bottle Program Compliance
  • C&C improvement Actions
  • Scheduled downtime compliance to standard
  • Compliance in ETP/WTP/ Net Control, etc.
  • Consumer Complaints
  • Pulp Yield
  • Water
  • CO2 yield
  • Compliance to Quality scores
  • FM count/ 1000
  • Multi Skill index
  • OT reduction
  • No of OPLs and Kaizen
  • LTI count
  • Discuss improvement plans with Quality Control Manager / Plant Manager and provide resources to line.

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