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The Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance invites applications for its Early Career Fellowships in Biomedical Research. This is a mentored Fellowship programme that provides a unique opportunity for promising postdoctoral researchers to carry out high-quality biomedical research in India towards building an independent research career.


  • Applicant must be in the final year of PhD or have no more than four years of post-PhD research experience from the date of PhD viva to the invited full application submission deadline (October 2017 for the current round of competition); due consideration will be given to justified career breaks
  • Applicant may have/be pursuing PhD in any discipline of science
  • There are no restrictions based on age or nationality
  • Applicant need not be resident in India while applying, but should be aspiring to launch an independent research career in India
  • Applicant must choose a not-for-profit host institution in India that will administer the Fellowship for the full duration (5 years) of the award in line with India Alliance conditions and policies
  • Applicant may or may not have a faculty position


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  • Full spectrum of biomedical science from fundamental molecular and cellular studies through Clinical and Public Health research**
  • Interdisciplinary projects are welcome


The upper limit for an award is INR 1.7 Crores. The 5-year Fellowship typically provides:

  • Competitive personal support
  • Generous research funds
  • Funding to work overseas for up to 2 years and develop international collaborations
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Essentials on the application:

  • Outline (750 words) of a research proposal that seeks to answer an original biomedical research question
  • A Fellowship Supervisor who would guide the applicant in the proposed research and a letter of support to this end; the proposed research is expected to complement and benefit from the Fellowship Supervisor’s research interests and expertise
  • An additional letter of recommendation

Preliminary application forms will be available from 13 July, 2017 on the India Alliance online application System (IASys) at https://fellowships.wellcomedbt.org/Login.aspx

Please visit http://wellcomedbt.org/fellowships/early-career-fellowships for further information on eligibility, remit, provisions, and the application process. Queries may be addressed to [email protected]

**We encourage Clinicians and Public Health researchers to apply in the separate Clinical and Public Health competition which would be announced later: http://wellcomedbt.org/fellowshiptype/clinical-and-public-health-research-fellowships

Preliminary application deadline : 10 August, 2017

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