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QIAGEN launches the GeneReader NGS System, the first complete Sample to Insight solution designed for any lab to deliver actionable insights. With the launch of new genetic fingerprinting kits for forensic labs, QIAGEN is the first new entrant in more than 20 years in the U.S. market for STR test kits.

Job Title : Scientific Bioinformatics Application Specialist, Bangalore

Job ID #: 6968

Location : Bangalore, India

Functional Area : Science

Job description :

Demonstrated scientist to work in a team of application scientists and technical specialists to provide exceptional scientific and technical support and services for the Advanced Genomics product lines including Ingenuity, CLC bio, and Biobase specializing in our Expression Analysis solutions offerings. This position includes providing hands on support to enable users to successfully harness our product lines to meet their advanced needs. Our user base includes highly skilled researchers, scientists and clinicians.

Position Requirements:

Customer Advocate:
– Must have critical thinking and problem solving skills to analyze, define, and solve complex customer scientific and technical concerns
– Gather, record and escalate customer feedback to guarantee a high quality and high consistency customer interface
– Contribute to improving customer facing touch points (help portals, product manuals, video tutorials, etc.)
– Establish and revise protocols our team uses for customer engagement

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Working with partners and multiple departments:
– Partner with multiple departments and global teams to resolve customer and/or pro-cess issues and follow up to ensure the same issues are not reoccurring
– Provide customer feedback to the product management teams and keep up to date with product development timelines and direction
– Ensure any issues are being prioritized and handled appropriately in a timely manner
– As a senior scientist you must be able to select methods, techniques and evaluation criteria for support team initiatives in collaboration with management


– PhD or experience equivalent in life science research, bioinformatics, or computational biology, molecular biology
– Knowledge and familiarity in analyzing and interpreting expression data (a must) and preferable genomic data as well
– Experience in utilizing various software programs in biological research
– Must have a demonstrated proficiently in the English language including excellent written, presentation and verbal communication skills
– Demonstrated ability to solve complex problems in advanced genomics research arenas
– Comfortable with interfacing with users via email, phone and in person
– Drive to explore, find solutions and achieve results
– Excellent customer service skills, enthusiastic attitude, and solid work ethics
– Previous use of or familiarity with Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) is highly desirable

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Personal Requirements

  • Experience in utilizing various software programs in biological research
  • Ease and interest in working with people from diverse backgrounds

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