Short Course on "Vistas in Nutrient Profiling and Nutritional Labeling of Seafoods" organized by CIFT

Short Course on
Vistas in Nutrient Profiling and 
Nutritional Labeling of Seafoods
Organized by CIFT, Cochin

Central Institute of Fisheries Technology, established in 1957, is a premier  institution engaged in Research & Development in all branches of fisheries technology. The activities of the  Institute are organized under seven scientific divisions viz

Fishing Technology 
• Fish Processing 
Biochemistry and Nutrition
Microbiology, Fermentation and Biotechnology
• Quality Assurance and Management
• Engineering
• Extension, Information & Statistics  

The Institute has state of the art laboratories and expertise in all these branches and is in possession of a wealth of knowledge. As part of the National  Policy of ICAR, the  Institute is organizing  short course under the auspices of the Biochemistry &Nutrition Division to cater to the needs of young scientists/teachers in the field of Biochemistry & Nutrition.

Details of the programme:-

  • Duration : 10 days (14.02.2012 to 23.02.2012)
  • Working hours : 09.30 to 16.30
  • Course content :

    • Short course will be built around theory & practical classes on the topics:

      • 1. Biochemical composition of fish
      • 2. Sampling procedures
      • 3. Post mortem changes in fish
      • 4. Amino acid analysis by HPLC
      • 5. Fatty acid analysis by Gas chromatograph
      • 6. Mineral content analysis by Flame photometry
      • 7. Trace element analysis by Atomic absorption spectrophotometry
      • 8. Nutrition Labeling in seafood
      • 9. Determination of crude fibre, cholesterol
      • 10.K value determination
      • 11.Analysis of fat soluble vitamins
      • 12.Chemical Hazards and seafood safety
      • 13.Monitoring pollutant profile by  GC MS and LC MS MS.

Eligibility :

  • Asst. Professors/ Scientists/ Lecturers in fish processing and related fields in Universities / Research institute/ Colleges affiliated to universities can apply.
  • The applicants should have a master’s degree in Fish processing Technology, Industrial Fisheries, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Food Technology or equivalent qualification and at least two years experience.
  • The number of participants will be limited to 25.

Nominations :

  • Directors of ICAR Institutes, Vice  Chancellors of Agricultural Universities/ Head of University Depts.  and Principals of affiliated colleges can nominate two participants for final approval by the Director, CIFT, Cochin.
  • The last date for reaching the nomination is 5th November 2011 and the selected candidates will be intimated on or before  25th Nov, 2011.  
  • The wait listed participants, if selected, will be intimated on or before 29th November 2011. 

Registration :

  • A registration fee of  Rs. 50/- (Rupees Fifty only) per participant is fixed as per ICAR guidelines.
  • The registration fee in the form of postal order drawn in favour of  the  Director, Short course should be sent along with the duly filled application form completed in all respects to the
    Short course,
    Central Institute of Fisheries Technology,
    Matsyapuri P.O.,
    Cochin- 682 029.

Please contact for any further information :
Dr. Suseela Mathew,
Course Director, Short Course,
Biochemistry &Nutrition Division
CIFT,CIFT Junction, Matsyapuri P.O.,
Willingdon Island, Cochin- 682 029
Mobile : 09446218958
E-mail address : /
Phone : 0484-2666845 (O): 0484-2305819(R):
Fax : 0484-2668212

Deadline : 05.11.2011

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