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Dear Friends,

Since August 21st ( when we started AIMNET), a lot  of students have been asking for Tips and tricks for the new pattern of CSIR NET exam. Also many of you have been asking of Contests where you could earn BT Points faster. 

Hence we are glad to announce our new platform which will help you prepare for CSIR NET in a targeted Manner.


  1. You will receive Tips and tricks on time management, Important topics, Important Book list and Tricks to solve GS Questions in email atleast 3-4 times every week
  2. You will get Offers in Email to Earn BT points faster. More BT points will help you attempt more aimnets Via SMS and Email
  3. You will get special access to Our Online AIMNET discussion clases which will start very soon

All you need to do is fill out the form below with your information and get started. If you have any queries then please contact us via chat immediately


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how to subscribe to premium

how to subscribe to premium updates???????? can ny1 explain the procedure

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is there any charge for

is there any charge for taking this service.

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it is free...........

it is free...........

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no charge..its free :)

no charge..its free :)

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this is very good share with

this is very good share with me every thing about net.

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subscribed but no email

subscribed but no email received pls help