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According to a recent study by the scientists, changes in the structure of the protein histone H3.3 may play a key role in silencing genes that regulate cancer cell growth.

Genome deposits in public archives may be less reliable than researchers imagine.

There is no ban on GM crop field trials either by the Government or the Supreme Court, Environment Minister Prakash Javadekar today said.

Results of a new study of genetically engineered crops eaten by livestock indicate again that GMO feed is safe and nutritionally equivalent to non-GMO feed.

Thanks to the Career Focus program funded by the Youth Employment Strategy of the federal department of Employment and Social Development Canada, BioTalent Canada has successfully placed 258 new gr

Monsanto denies over the accusations that its seeds have contributed to the hardships of the Indian farmers.

Kerala-based Arjuna Natural Extracts has received a US patent for its Turmeric extract formulation for&

A regulatory scheme that would have barred individual European nations from deciding for themselves whether or not to allow the cultivation of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) has been rejecte

Winners of the 2014 Life Science Industry Awards were formally announced at the Grand Hyatt Washington in Washington, DC.

NewLink Genetics Corp. (NLNK) is in talks with drugmaker Merck & Co. (MRK) to scale up production of NewLink’s experimental Ebola vaccine.

Scientists at IIT-Bombay have developed a special membrane that promises to reduce the cost of dialysis by 50%, cut down time taken for the process by half and be safer for the patient.

A new blood test for Alzheimer's can detect the onset of the disease up to 10 years before symptoms appear and has 100 per cent accuracy rate.

Looking across evolutionary time and the genomic landscapes of humans and mice, an international group of researchers has found powerful clues to why certain processes and systems in the mouse -- s

According to a new research, wikipedia page views can predict disease outbreaks, including dengue fever and influenza, around the globe nearly a month before official health advice.

For a handful of patients who've received the first wire-free pacemaker, the results are still good after 18 months.

Bengaluru may soon witness Asia's first and the world's third prestigious art gallery.

Officials at the U.S.

XPRIZE, the global leader in incentivized prize competition, today awarded DMI (DNA Medicine Institute) the $525,000 Grand Prize in the Nokia Sensing XCHALLENGE, a competition to cat

It was in the year 1961 when India’s agriculture was crumbling under famines, an Experts Meet was held and a suggestion cropped up.

Top selling medicine brands for stress, hypertension, HIV, pain and pneumonia may soon become cheaper.

A new DNA-based recorder allows bioengineers to create cell cultures that detect information in their environment and store it for later use.

 The future of a biotech park at Andharua on the city outskirts looks uncertain with no work having been done on the allotted plot.

Height at the age of two is the best predictor of adult height, says a World Bank report highlighting the need for providing adequate nutrition from conception to two years of age to improve stunti