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Zifo Technologies is a Specialized Research Data Management Service provider.

Cadila Healthcare Ltd is responding to certain observations the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made after conducting a "product specific" inspection of its Moraiya manufacturing pl

For the first time, various research scholars under the umbrella of Society of Young Scientists (SYS), decided to protest against the measly amount of annual scholarship.

Cipla announces the appointment of Mr Adil Zainulbhai who joins the board as an independent director.

To explore poorly understood genes that could potentially be modified by medicines, the NIH is launching a new initiative.

Shantha Biotechnics Limited, a Sanofi Company is the first Indian company to launch an r-DNA vaccine in 1997. This company heralded a new beginning for biotechnology in India.

With a debt-free balance sheet and substantial cash at its disposal, drugmaker LupinBSE 0.37 % is looking for a big-ticket acquisition, Vinita Gupta, its chief executive officer, told ET.

University of California-San Francisco has described an advanced technique for efficiently obtaining stem cells.

Amgen plans to lay off around 12- 15% of its worldwide workforce and close four sites after second-quarter results that trounced Wall Street expectations.

Accelerator Corp., the biotechnology investment and management company that has nurtured biotech startups in Seattle for more than a decade, is expanding its activity to New York City through a new

The NIH has granted 23andMe $1,367,504 for a two-year project to enhance further development of the personal genetics firm's web-based database and research engine for genetic discovery.

MIT researchers attained a major breakthrough as they discovered a mechanism by which the particles enter cells and could thus act as better drug carriers.

Life Cell, India's largest umbilical cord banking system is all set to establish a public stem cell bank at a cost of Rs 30,000 crore to save millions of children by saving their stem c

A latest research revealed on how viruses called bacteriophages destroy the bacterium Clostridium difficile (C.

An initiative to enhance access to biotech innovations in various verticals like marine, pharmaceuticals, agricultural and industries under a one-roof facility has been started by the state governm

"Organ-on-chips" would now be commercialized by Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering as they created a startup called Emulate which plans on focusing on the

Claiming a wrong decision and a step deterring investments in research and high quality manufacturing and distribution, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, chairman and managing director Biocon Limited and Chairp

A deal buttressing on the existing mutual relationship, Bristol-Myers Squibb ($BMY) and Ono Pharmaceutical have inked a pact to bring immunotherapies to market in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan.

Atox Bio is a clinical stage biotechnology company and a developer of therapeutics for severe infections, based in Israel.

In a recent development AstraZeneca signed up Roche and Qiagen to develop two separate diagnostic tests, both using simple blood samples, to identify patients who will benefit from its lung

The regulatory bodies of the U.S have accepted the application by Sandoz-generics arms of Novartis which was seeking approval for a copycat version of Amgen's drug Neupogen, or filgrast

Qiagen achieved a major feat by grabbing an exclusive global license from the University of Tokyo for the biomarker SF3B1.

Scientists from Oxford University revealed that only 8.2% of human DNA is likely to be doing something important, i.e., is functional.