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A former adviser to the US Secretary of State says that genetic modification (GM) is the most critical technology in agriculture for meeting the challenges of feeding a growing global population.

The US space agency has funded researchers to find out how to recycle human excreta into food that can help astronauts sustain on deeper space missions, including Mars.

India has a reason to celebrate as the National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Mohali has put India in the select club of countries that manufacture raw materials for g

Scientists have taken a major leap towards creating a vaccine that works against multiple strains of influenza, according to two studies published in top journals.

San Francisco to the north is flooding with startups, and so are the eastern and north-eastern side of the bay.

Biocon Academy, set up in 2013, announced the graduation of its third and fourth batch of 30 students each.

Certificate of Merit for an initiative for knowledge dissemination & training in the area of good manufacturing practices (GMP) By Dr. R. P.

As per the draft Human DNA Profiling Bil, the Union Government has proposed to allow collection of samples from private parts of human body for DNA profiling and data preservation after the approva

A study conducted by researchers at he Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology in Delhi has reportedly found that DNA footprints of at least 78 disease-causing micro-organisms exist on bank n

A new technology developed by researchers at a Swiss institute can map the human brain in unprecedented detail without distorting the architecture of the brain. 

Google is divvying up its composite parts, becoming, depending on whom you ask, the new Berkshire Hathaway, the next General Electric or something heretofore never seen.

Editas quickly emerged as one of the first biotech upstarts with potentially game-changing gene editing technology in its hands.

Merck & Co. disclosed lately that it has eliminated more than 85% of the 8,500 positions slated for elimination under its 2013 restructuring of R&D and commercial operations.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, today announced the opening of its new Technology Development Center (TDC) in Bangalore.

A 14-year study by two Kolkata-born scientists has led them to discover that dopamine -known as the happy hormone -can also kill tumours, putting them on the verge of one of the most significant me

Scientists have developed a 3D printed layered structure incorporating neural cells that mimics the structure of brain tissue, a breakthrough towards creating a bench-top brain for researching the

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd.

In a proof-of-concept study at Johns Hopkins, researchers have shown that results of common and routine blood tests are not affected by up to 40 minutes of travel on hobby-sized drones.

Himalaya Drug Company at its Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Himachal Pradesh facilities have faced an USFDA import alert on some of the personal care products manufactured by the company.

The researchers from University of Illinois at Chicago and Northwestern University claim that they have engineered a tethered ribosome that works nearly as well as the authentic organelle that prod

Biotecnika Magazine- August '15

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have discovered a long-overlooked process important for converting a long, string-like DNA molecule into a chromosome.

India may contest a decision by the European drug regulator to recommend a ban on as many as 700 generic products tested by GVK Biosciences at its Hyderabad facility, citing it as a restriction on

Researchers have been trying to diagnose and treat diseases such as cancer at the DNA level with various techniques but nanotechnology has opened up scope for highly selective bio-sensing applicati