Important Information for GATE Aspirants after GATE-2016 Exams

(Aditya Iyer, Junior expert, IIT -Guwahati)                                                                                                      

Since the notification of GATE 2016 has been completely online and the admission process into the various M.Tech courses in the reputed IITs have been a dream for many undergraduates, we present you a scenario of the admission process in IITs post the GATE examination.

GATE 2016 results will be announced on March 19, 2016 and will be available on the GATE Online Applicant Website.

GATE 2016 score is valid for TWO YEARS from the date of announcement of the results.

Here is the scenario for admission processes into various IITs last time. You will be having the same after you qualify GATE:

Each of the IITs have another Entrance Exam which is held separately by each of them ! We have enlisted the major IITs and thier admission details.

IIT Kharagpur: Candidates were required to have studied Maths in the 10+2 level. Candidates having 90 percentile in GATE we called.Interview based on Thesis of Final year or Dissertation. So This year they may keep Exams with Mathematics included in it.

IIT Delhi : .It offers MS(R) in Biochemical Engg which has lots of Engineering Mathematics. So candidates targetting IIT Delhi should opt for BT paper as they will have to study it anyways later on.But the Choice is yours!.Candidates having 99+ GATE percentile were called for direct interview.

IIT Madras: It offers MS (R) in Biotecnology.. Candidates were called on the basis of Research Intrests mentioned in the application form and GATE Score.It has entrance test followed by interview..Test is based on Aptitude and Data Interpretation.No Biotech Questions were asked.

IIT Bombay : It offers M.Tech Biomedical Engineering. Entrance test followed by Interview.

IIT Guwahati: It offers M.Tech Biotechnology and last year 400 people were called for entrance exam and 24 were selected.The paper had questions of Biochemistry, Enzyme Kinetics, Immunology and Cell Biology..No direct Mathematical questions were asked.

IIT Kanpur : Candidates were called having 99+ GATE percentile were called and Entrance test is based on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.This was followed by personal interview of selected candidates.

So now we hope you have no doubts on our dedication towards you. If any more questions please feel free to ask us. Mail us at Please do indicate your course and the query clearly for us to help you better