BIOASIA 2010-An International Conference in Hyderabad International Conference Centre(HICC),Hyderabad

An International Conference held at Hyderabad International Convention Centre(HICC),Hyderabad - BIOASIA 2010 was a wonderful platform to discuss about the career prospects with the real Players of Biotech Industry-the CEO's,GM's of top Biotech Firms like Pfizer,Biocon,Shantha Biotech ,etc.

Bioasia is a conference cum B2B partenering forum which is generally held in the first week of February wherein the top B.Tech Companies and Excellent Universities from and out of India grace the event with their presence and one can find these pioneers discussing about their journey to success and such other Inspirational talks.

BIOASIA 2010 had four lecture series- Medical Biotechnology,Biopharmaceuticals & Biosimilars,Agri Biotechnology and Animal Biotechnology with each lecture series been preceeded over by very proficient lecturers and speakers and elite conveners.The major discussion included Innovations in the particular area,awareness,and futuristic approaches,the main drive being its scope in India.

"India will be the next CRO hub of Asia"

"We will soon start our business in Indian States,as it seems to be mutating against all its odds"

There were many more speeches like those above that brought out India & its contribution to the biotech Industries into focus.

Lecture Series
Medical Biotech
Agri Biotechnology
Animal Biotech

Lecture 1: Medical Biotechnology
The proficient speakers put forwarded their reviews about Medical Biotechnology and its future prospects, the various challenges that it faces now and would face in the future, the era of Medical Biotech and its advancement. The best part being the presentation of various futuristic techniques and innovative ideas to add wheels to the chariot of Med Bio.

Lecture 2: Biopharmaceuticals
Well, the topic that had been the subject of my Interest brought about a boom in Bioasia through its rapid rising statistics , It was clearly visible that the speakers had a lot to speak about it but time constraint prevented them. The Biosimilars Market is supposed to be the next level Biotechnology wherein the latest trendz in Biotechnology would find its use.

Lecture 3: Agri-Biotechnology
The least spoken-about topic yet the most discussed topic of Bioasia brought to the front its Importance as well as its need. Agri-Biotechnology constitutes the major part of Green Biotechnology and it was seeming perish. This Lecture session too impressed upon the usage of innovative tools and techniques to achieve it.

Lecture 4: Animal Biotechnology
A very interestingly dealt-with topic. The speakers actually enjoyed their lecture sessions by discussing about their discoveries and innovations and general futuristic approaches marked the centre of this session. Biotech Entrepreneurship was one of the hottest topics to be taken into  consideration that was discussed in this session

Bioasia had many surprise package sessions like the panel GD on various topics like Biotech Industry and growth. There were amazing topics like Nano-Biotechnology which basically dealt with nanomedicines and Validation techniques.

The conference commenced with a Banquet dinner meet known as the Bio-banquet where the students were free to interact with the delegates and the delegates being welcoming enough to share their personal numbers and Email ID's. The next three days are marked by rigorous lecture sessions and panel discussions on various hot-topics and concluded by a valedictory ceremony conducted by some elite pioneers like the DG of ICRISAT, secretary to the governor general etc

Review:- “Bioasia was the largest platform I had ever seen and it was really helpful for me to get an awareness on many hidden topics”- Student

            “ Well Bioasia was actually not meant for you students, it was B2B partnering platform but if you have come to gain knowledge and meet the Players and get some inspiration then this is the right place for you”- Chandrika,Delegate from UK

            “Bioasia is a good place to discuss your problems and your queries with the people who actually generated them,as they have multiple answers and the best answer”- Giridhar,NBAS president