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Science innovators looking for funding can compete for prizes totaling up to $500,000 by developing new ways to track the health status of a single cell in complex tissue over time.

AstraZeneca has entered into a collaboration with gene sequencing company, Illumina, Inc., to develop its next generation sequencing (NGS) platform for companion diagnostic tests applicable across

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a wholly owned unit of Glenmark,  has entered the oncology segment with the discovery of a new molecule, which the company intends to develop to treat various types o

In a major achievement scientists have found out that a variant of an existing vaccine offers stronger protection against both tuberculosis and leprosy. The currently a

Expression Analysis (EA), an offspring of Quintiles, has declared that it is co-sponsoring a grant programme for scientists who intend to advance genomics research.

Like many seafaring scientists of the past, the research crew of the Merchant Yacht Hanse Explorer sailed forth with hopes of collecting novel specimens.

Before cells divide, they create so much genetic material that it must be wound onto spools before the two new cells can split apart.

Promega opened a new subsidiary in India, Promega Biotech India Private, which will offer services and support for Promega products and technologies.

Protocols for screening of the arrivals and subsequent tracking are being reviewed by the health ministry on a regular basis.

Weighing on the issue whether biosimilars should carry the names of the product they emulate from, doctors are now urging the FDA to require biosimilars to have different names than the branded bio

In a move to turn India into a research powerhouse, state funding of research in areas such as biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and automobile manufacturing along with the participation of private se

BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, a small drug developer in Durham, raised its profile in the global fight against Ebola on Wednesday by announcing a $4.1 million award in federal research funds to develop

To meet the targets of producing cost-effective biofuels achieved through R&D, many bioenergy centers have been established by the department of biotechnology (DBT).

The Government has revealed that scientific research in country has witnessed improvement as the impact of published papers and patent filing activity has increased.

The differentiation of engineered stem cells may be imagined as a subway journey, where the genetic equivalents of missing a transfer or getting off at the wrong stop can take your stem cells far o

As resistance to many currently available antibiotics grows, health officials have been on high alert to bacteria that are rapidly adapting and becoming so-called superbugs.

Teva Pharmaceutical industries intends to file a law suit against Dr.Reddy's Laboratories for allegedly infringing the patents of Copaxone (glatiramer acetate) injection 40mg/mL.

Biooengineers have created three-dimensional brain-like tissue that functions like and has structural features similar to tissue in the rat brain and that can be kept alive in the lab for more than

To mark a Decade of Excellence in affordable Insulin therapy, Biocon has now launched a series of patient outreach programmes. The company was an early entrant in the developme

Human Longevity (HLI), the genomics and cell therapy-based diagnostic and therapeutic company that J.

The Department of Biotechnology (DBT) and the Medical Research Council (MRC) have collaborated with UK Department of International Development (DFID) to address the health needs of women and childr

August, Mumbai: UBM India, host of CPhI / P-MEC India, the world’s leading pharma trade show and conference, (today) announced the maiden edition of its second pharma show in India, P

The first government-run 'bio-incubator plant' in Gujarat is all set to be established at Savli in Vadodara city with an initial cost of around Rs 16 crore.