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Biotecnika Magazine- October 2014

A recent report from researchers at the University of California suggests that the performance and health of food-producing animals consuming genetically engineered feed is comparable to that of an

The prestigious British Medical Journal (BMJ) Award for ‘The Medical Team of the Year 2014' was conferred to Fortis Mulund, one of the major hospitals of Fortis Healthcare, a Rs.4,700 cro

The entire genome of the Clostridium autoethanogenum bacterium, used to substantially produce fuel and chemicals from a wide range of raw materials, including gases derived from biomass and industr

Monsanto Co's experimental genetically engineered wheat, never approved for sale, has been found growing in a second U.S.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) will award funds to support the next phase of its Tissue Chip for Drug Screening programme to improve ways of predicting drug safety and effectiveness.

Thermo Fisher Scientific and pharmaceutical companies GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer have entered into an agreement to develop a universal next-generation sequencing (NGS) oncology test for solid tumor

A genetically engineered tobacco plant has been developed by researchers at Cornell University.

University of Nebraska-Lincoln scientists have developed a nanoparticle-based device that emulates human touch and that could significantly enhance clinical breast exams for early detection of canc

MIT engineers achieved a major breakthrough by developing a new gene-editing system that can selectively kill bacteria carrying harmful genes which is responsible for conferring antibiotic resistan

Dear CSIR NET Aspirants,

Although vitamin B12 is an essential molecule required by most life on this planet, it is only produced by a relatively small group of micro-organisms because it is so large and complex.

Global pharmaceuticals and consumer packaged goods manufacturer Johnson and Johnson's biggest manufacturing facility in India is set to come up in Telangana with an investment of Rs.400 crore.<

Scientists are developing an online platform, using data on Google Earth Engine, that health workers around the world can use to predict where malaria is likely to be transmitted.

A global leader in information technology, consulting and business process services, ie Cognizant has entered into an agreement to acquire TriZetto Corporation for $2.7 billion in cash, subject to

Institute of Good Manufacturing Practices India

Indian pharmaceutical giant Lupin is all set to sign a blockbuster deal with Merck Serono.

The Government has finally decided to sit down with American pharma giants to hear out their concerns regarding Patents.

Human nasal epithelial cells, cultured on a microchip, react to air pollutants just like they would in the upper airway.

Researchers are looking out for newer methods and techniques to fight against a wide range of antibiotic resistant organisms.

The fight against diabetes has taken a new advance. Researchers have developed a new method that can turn stem cells into reliable, insulin-producing cells in about six weeks.

The Union health ministry has made it mandatory for the clinical research organisations (CROs), clinical trial sponsors, medical institutions and other stakeholders involved in the conduct of clini

The Bombay High Court today directed Maharashtra Government to provide medical screening facilities at Pune and Nagpur airports to detect Ebola virus among passengers arriving from affected countri