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Washington State University researchers have found a way to make jet fuel from a common black fungus found in decaying leaves, soil and rotting fruit.

The US pharma sector has welcomed India's recent moves on intellectual property, including bringing out a draft policy and sustained engagement, while regretting the consistent barriers posed b

While the Narendra Modi government has moved swiftly on a range of environmental issues— approving long-delayed projects, arguably clearing the backlog inherited from the UPA and bringing in

Doubling down on its in-house startup academy, biotech VC stalwart Flagship Ventures has recruited a trio of big-name corporate sponsors to lend their expertise to its next class of seedlings, expa

Hyderabad, India, May 6, 2015: Mapmygenome India announced that their Spoligo TB™ in vitro diagnostic test kit for speedy detection and typing of large number of TB samples has been awarded t

Scientists from the Salk Institute and the Chinese Academy of Science have published new data that they believe identifies a key driver in the aging process.

 A team of researchers suggests that the methyl-adenine that would regulate the expression of certain genes in eukaryotic cells could have a specific role in stem cells and in early stages of

Researchers at Harvard which include those of Indian-origin have developed a new bio compatible hydrogel that can be filled with cells or molecules and injected in the body to deliver drugs or stim

To promote life science and biotech sector in the state, the government, in its biotechnology policy, has planned four incubation centres at Visakhapatnam, Kakinada, Tirupati and Vijayawada over th

The latest controversy creating new was from the Chinese researchers who say they have edited specific genes in human embryos.

India's Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd, emboldened by its takeover of domestic rival Ranbaxy Laboratories, is willing to spend as much as $7 billion on further acquisitions, bankers familia

Bharat Biotech's Ella Foundation has successfully tested a preliminary vaccine for Ebola on mice.

Scientists have found a molecular reset button for our internal body clock, a discovery that may allow for new treatments of sleep disorders and cognitive and metabolic abnormalities, commonly asso

In a recent breakthrough, scientists have developed a new test that can predict with 100 percent precision if someone will develop cancer upto 13 years in the future.

Scientists have for the first time successfully implanted a groundbreaking 3D-printed device to save the lives of three babies in the US suffering from a life-threatening condition that prevents no

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Swiss drugmaker Roche has "renewed confidence" that drugs targeting potentially brain-destroying plaque can fight Alzheimer's disease, following promising results with a product from

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GE Healthcare Life Sciences opened the initial set of buildings and labs on its new campus for growing businesses that will develop tools and technologies for the global life sciences industry.

Mylan announced that its Board of Directors has unanimously rejected the unsolicited expression of interest from Teva Pharmaceutical Industries, Ltd.

The first HIV self-testing kit that allows people to get a result in just 15 minutes at home has gone on sale in the UK.

The scientific community has a reason to cheer as the world's first viable malaria vaccine could be available as early as by October this year.

Roche inked a deal worth up to $555 million to work with India's Curadev Pharma for the development and commercialization of IDO1 and TDO inhibitors used for cancer treatments.

Stempeutics Research, a group company of Manipal Education and Medical Group and a Joint Venture with Cipla Group, announced that the State Intellectual Property Office of China (SIPO) granted a pr