Double Ph.D in Cancer Biology from Purdue University lands up in Jail for Anti Bush remarks

New Delhi
December 12th, 2009

In a shocking development, An American Court has convicted a Ph.D Scholar Mr Vikram Buddhi for posting Anti Bush remarks in a yahoo group. He has been convicted for 4 Years 9 Months in Jail.

In his Comment Mr Buddhi had allegedly posted anti Bush remarks 3 years ago and had called upon Iraqis to attack American infrastructure. Following this the FBI & secret service had arrested him.

During his 3 year long battle Mr Buddhi had to fire his lawyer twice as he claims that they are not helping him in getting a fair trial. Vikram’s supporters claim that even if he posted such a remark it was his mistake and not a crime. However the FBI has failed to prove that those comments have been posted by him (see video).

According to sources, The secret service of US had given a clean chit to him stating that He is neither a danger to George Bush, Dick Cheney or any of the secret service protectorate.

While supports has been pouring from Blogosphere and we have received several comments supporting his cause.

“Commenting against Mr President can never threaten him for his life and this is one of the largest Human Rights violation in the history of United states” One Supporter commented.
In the meanwhile IITians are organizing meetings, processions & dharnas to support for this cause,  Another debate has been sparked among student community about the dignity of Indian Students being frequently violated be it America or Australia or UK and the government keeping a blind eye on this issue.

About Mr Buddhi
: Mr Vikram Buddhi is a IIT alumnus and has been in US to pursue his Ph.D on cancer Biology from Purdue university. His father Dr Subbaroa is a retired Navy captain and a nuclear scientist.