Do Ph.D in Genomics at University of British Columbia | Fellowships Available

The Genome Science + Technology (GSAT) graduate program is flexible and intended to accommodate the diverse background of students wishing to enter it. Students who apply for entrance must satisfy the general requirements of the UBC Faculty of Graduate Studies and must be acceptable to the GSAT Admissions Committee. Students entering the program generally have a first class or a high second class bachelor’s degree.

The GSAT program also provides the opportunity for students to spend their first year engaged in research rotations designed to maximize the exposure to a broad range of research topics before committing to a thesis project and supervisor. Students accepted to the program will automatically be considered for a research rotation award. Students who do not qualify for a research rotation award must secure the commitment of a GSAT faculty supervisor before they can be accepted to the program.

Applications are screened by an admissions committee which bases its decision on academic transcripts and three letters of references. Most applicants are informed of their acceptability by April of the prospective year of entry. Students from countries where English is not generally used are required to take the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), and submit the results before admission.