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Dear Biotecnika Members,

We hope you had a nice ICMR JRF exam yesterday (18th july 2010). For the benefit of fellow Aspirants and all future ICMR JRF Aspirants we request you to submit questions (which ever you remember) by replying to this forum topic.

ICMR JRF is a tough exam with no previous year question papers. This led to lot of trouble to you this time but to ensure this does not repeat next time to any one, it will be very helpful if you all can share the questions here.

If you all can share just one question also, we are sure collectively you all can remember the entire question paper. So go ahead, Put some pressure on your memory and post what ever you remember.

Thanks in advance to all of you for this contribution towards the benefit of the BioSciences community.


"Sharing is caring"


Team BioTecNika

NB: If you are having trouble in posting questions here then please send it to and we will post it for you.