9 PhD studentships open @ The International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm

PhD Positions winter term 2013/2014

The International Graduate School in Molecular Medicine Ulm funded by the Excellence Initiative of the German Federal and State Governments kindly invites applications from highly qualified and motivated individuals for

9 PhD studentships to commence in October 2013. Successful candidates will perform their PhD projects partly in Ulm and partly in the partner institutions.

  • Dissecting the role of the polycomb - like Protein PHF19/PCL3 in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) - C. Buske (Ulm) and G. Wang (Chapel Hill, USA)
  • Dissecting the pathogenesis of myofibrillar myopathies- S. Just (Ulm) and M. Sandri (Padua, Italy)
  • Differential segregation of organelles during ageing of yeast- N. Johnsson (Ulm)
  • Nanobridges for targeted virus/host interaction- J. Münch (Ulm)
  • Wnt4 target genes during embryonic kidney development- M. Kühl (Ulm) and S. Vainio (Oulu, Finland)
  • NK cells activity in response to HCMV infection- T. Mertens (Ulm) and G. Palú (Padua, Italy)
  • Super-resolution optical microscopy of transcription - J. Michaelis (Ulm)
  • Genetic networks guiding heart valve development - W. Rottbauer (Ulm) and F. Conlon (Chapel Hill, USA)
  • Hepatitis C core Protein-mediated immune regulation - R. Schirmbeck (Ulm) and A. Alberti/G. Palú (Padua, Italy)

PhD students will receive a tax-free fellowship of 1.400,00 € per month + health insurance costs (or a corresponding work contract) for 3 years.

Further information about the application procedure and regulations can be found here.

Short listed candidates will be invited for an oral presentation and interviews to Ulm in March 2013.


If you wish to apply for our PhD Programme, please use our online application platform.


  • All documents must be in pdf format.
  • All submitted documents must be in English or German. If original documents are not in English or German, certified translations are required. Please provide copies of the original documents AND translations!
  • Applicants from abroad who are invited to our PhD Selection Days can request financial support to cover their travel costs.
  • The presentation at Ulm University is part of our selection procedure and cannot be replaced by telephone interviews.
  • Please note that applicants who succeed in our PhD Selection Days can only be accepted for the PhD programme if they have been accepted for a PhD position by the Graduate School or by a supervisor from Ulm University.

How to finance a PhD position

  • Acceptance into our PhD Programme and securing a PhD position at Ulm University does not automatically mean that you will receive funding from the university. We ask that you determine in advance how your PhD position will be financed. The following options are proposed:
  • Receive a work contract from the Graduate School
  • Obtain a scholarship from the Graduate School
  • Gain acceptance for a paid PhD position through a professor of the university
  • You can also finance yourself either through a scholarship from your home country, from DAAD, or from any other funding organization
  • The Graduate School’s work contracts and scholarships amount to a salary of approximately € 1,200 per month (before tax). If you are not funded by the Graduate School, your salary may differ from this amount due to an alternative way of financing. Please ask your supervisor or your funding organization about the monthly funding rate.

Deadline for applications: 06 June 2013

Interested candidates can apply online over here. Apply Online     

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