Vacancy notification for a JRF/SRF post at ICGEB, New Delhi | Recruitment via Biotecnika

Opening for a JRF/SRF post in Structural and Computational Biology Group at ICGEB, New Delhi

Post : JRF/SRF
No of Post : One
Eligibility : M.Sc Life Sciences
Experience : 2 yrs wet lab experience must for SRF, but not mandatory for JRF
Job Description : PCR cloning, membrane protein expression, detergent extraction and optimization, large scale protein purification, liposome reconstitution, metal-ion translocation assays, crystallization, X-ray diffraction data collection, structure determination and analysis. Membrane expressing clones are available for a couple of transporters.

To Apply : Please send a single word/pdf file (not to exceed 5 pages) containing (a) brief write up of your research interests and how this project would help shape up your future career (1 page) (b) a research proposal on metal-ion transport in Mycobacteria (2 pages) and (c) an updated CV (2 pages) by e-mail ( or regular mail to: (Do not cut-paste from research articles/reviews or internet)