Prepare for CSIR NET in 100 Days | BioTecNika launches its next Capsule course in 24 March 2014

100 Days to Prepare for CSIR NET in a smart manner

Its Hardly 100 days left when you enter the month of March for the CSIR NET JRF exam, 100 days for the exam and you will be left with more than 150 topics to cover. CSIR Exam is something different, Apart from studying, the more you practice on the questions is gonna make you a wise person to appear for the exam and crack it. 

BioTecNika is coming up with a strategic plan which will be implemented in the Upcoming batch for the CSIR NET Life Sciences. The Batch starts from 24th March and will be called as 100 days Capsule Course. This batch is very special, reason being, in this batch we will focus only on the strong conceptual basics important topics, and plenty of question discussion. Below are the program highlights:

Course Content: 
  • 300+ hours of Interactive teaching, including section-wise Tests and the core subjects in the syllabus.
  • Detailed concepts of important chapters.
  • Brain storming sessions on CSIR level quality questions and previous year questions from 2004-2013.
  • Tips and Tricks by our Experts to solve questions using shortcuts.
  • Shortcuts and methodology to solve the questions in quick time ( So that you can attempt more number of questions, The More number of questions you attend = Better score and results)
  • Topic wise Weekly Tests to analyse your preparation pertaining to previous week.
  • Only 15 students per batch to ensure a healthy interaction between teacher & Student. 

NOT ABLE TO COME DOWN: take up the Live Coaching from anywhere, just have a good internet connection and get the LIVE classes at your doorstep!! Classrooms are webcasted live simultaneously through a CISCO WebEx platform. CISCO WebEx is an Interactive platform wherein both the parties can interact with each other.You can interact with the faculty and get your doubts cleared right then and there just like in a real classroom!!

Batch Timings: 

  •  Weekdays (Monday to Friday) 

o Afternoon batch: 1;30 pm to 4:30 pm. 
o Evening batch: 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. 

  • Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) – 10:00 am to 4:00 pm 

 Features of Our Online Study Material: 

  • Recorded videos of our classroom coaching of June 2014 (click here for sample)
  • Recorded sessions Previous Sessions from December 2013
  • Access to animations and presentations used by faculty to describe important topics (click here for sample)
  • Access to 16 AIMNET 2014 tests as well as June and December 2013 AIMNETs
  • Access to 50 concept review tests 2014 as well as of Previous' sessions
  • Chat, phone and email support with our faculty for doubt clearing
  • Previous years solved papers (2004-2013)
Every Class is Video recorded and uploaded to our Study portal: so that you can view any day's class at any time and revise. No more complaints about missing classes :) 
Online All India Mock test series (AIM-NET) is conducted every Sunday where you can compete and evaluate your preparation for individual units of the Syllabus. 

Printed Notes:

1. Go for the Detailed Study Materials:

We would also be providing you with better materials to understand each and every concept in depth. To understand just how successful our Study Material is, we have decided to show you a demo Book so that you can go through the salient features of the Book. We realized that running blindly studying doesn't help thus we have made revision and re-revision a very important feature of this study Material. According to our survey, we found that Our study Material when clubbed with Our Online Study Portal and doubt solving has given quicker results, when compared to standard books.The salient features of our Books are as follows:
  • Set of 14 Books ( including Part A, B and Part C ) : 1 Book = 1 Unit, thus 13 Units ~ 13 Books + 1 Book on Part A
  • Every Chapter is followed by a set of 100+ Questions test series on the topic dealt in that Chapter
  • Total weight of Book stack Series : 6 KG
2. Or Take up the Quick NET Learner:
8 Books comprising the entire 13 units of the syllabus. 
  • 5 Books for Syllabus Notes 
  • 1 Booklet for Part C Solved Questions 
  • 2 Booklets of Test MCQs for each chapter 
Describing each and every chapter in a detailed manner with graphical presentations for easy understanding of the chapters. Concise notes on the entire syllabus

Our Success Record

Success cannot be achieved by one day's effort for sure. However if clubbed with right mentors and excellent guidance, it can be achieved faster. 

Want to know more about our Success record visit this link:

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