Call for Summer Training & 6 months Dissertation at Birla Institute of Scientific Research

Summer Training @ Birla Institute of Scientific Research

About Training

Birla Institute of Scientific Research have earned a reputation of providing top quality, cutting-edge short term trainings, and six month dissertations presented by the knowledgeable and experienced practitioners in the field of biological sciences. The Institute focuses on the hands on training sessions with latest technology advances, and is continually researching and developing new courses to enhance the quality. The Institute's instructors are specialized personnel whose experience brings practical insight and invaluable knowledge.

Training Offered

BISR offers six weeks summer training and support up to six months dissertation programs.

Six weeks Training:

Short term training programs are imparted in the months of May to July at the post graduate level. The program consists of four modules including Microbiology, Biochemistry, Molecular biology, and Bioinformatics. Students carry out defined set of experiments in each module. Each module consists of lecture sessions and hands-on laboratory practices. The last date to apply for the summer training program is March 31.

Six Months Dissertations:

The Institute considers the requests for project work towards partial fulfillment of the respective postgraduate degrees (of at least SIX months’ duration; session I: Jul-Dec; session II: Jan-Jun) for a limited number of students of postgraduate courses of Indian universities for access to its research facilities under the supervision of the Institute’s scientists. The minimal eligibility criterion for consideration of the requests is first division or an equivalent grade or at least 60% of aggregate scores in all major examinations starting from secondary examination onwards. The requests are required to be routed through the contact person enclosing the academic resume of the recommended student(s) and mentioning the duration and the period of proposed project work. The requests so received are considered on the basis of available vacancies. The last date for the receipt of requests for postgraduate research projects are May 31 (for session I) and November 30 (for session II). 
Customized training programs can be tailored to meet any university or college’s specific needs for undergraduate students on special consideration.