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AMI conference 2010

Hello everybody, the next Association of Microbiologist of India( 51th) will be held in Ranchi, Birla Institute of Biotechnology, Jharkhand.

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GATE 2010 experience

It was a new experience because BT was introduced for the first time.I was expecting tough questions from maths side but luckily only 2 ques from stats were asked which were easy to solve. Another thing I want to tell you is that questions related with antibiotics were more in form of match the following.According to me Microbiology with all respect like metabolism, genetics, gene expression,pathology should be given more importance because it is the base to understand higher mechanism.Cell signalling should also be taken into account as applied questions are asked from this topic.Overall it was really a gud experience. all the best to aspirants of 2011!!!

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1st AIMNET Class Details and Today's announcements

Dear Members,

We are glad to introduce AIMNET Classes and Blogging at Biotecnika.

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Planktons & Climate Change

hello frnds,
this was m subject topic for m MSc final year semester in calcutta university..
it is wonderfull to knw dat planktons play a very vital role in d ecological balance and trophic level or food chain.
As most of us know that planktons are fed by plankton feeding  fishes.,they are getting a hipe for thie culture to enhance fish culture and production.
their vertical or light stimulated  movement can cause differential feeding habit in fishes. and thus allowing growth of various types of plankton feeding fishes in a single water body with maximum utilization..

But the sad point lies in their decrease in number due to pollution, less light availability, claimate changes affecting both water quality and fish culture.
we an study much about this issue and bring some changes....
shall we??????????

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wrk as JRF

hello frndz
m hr to share m xperience of being a JRF in ICAR institute situated in Bangalore, hessaraghatta. CIFRI(Cemtral Inland Fishries Research Institute).
I would like to share m wrk xperience whrin i wrkd in four majer states of south india Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Andhra Pradesh. It was a work on mid term evaluation of NFDB stocked reservoir.. I gained a lots of xperience both of field as well as administrative in relation to fisheries.....
I haven,t cleared NET yet bt had the privilage of wrkng as a JRf.
Research field is awsm.
Its jst d exceptional day peole haunt for,dat we have as usual,if we wrk in fields..
world is bestowed with wonders. jst explore it.
Clearing NET wd help u get into better institutions and firm economic background.
Greets to evryone.........