Biotech interview questions

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1. Why is thymine replaced by uracil in RNA?
Uracil is energetically less expensive to produce than thymine, which may account for its use in RNA .In DNA, however, uracil is readily produced by chemical degradation of cytosine, so having thymine as the normal base makes detection and repair of such incipient mutations more efficient. Thus, uracil is appropriate for RNA, where quantity is important but lifespan is not, whereas thymine is appropriate for DNA where maintaining sequence with high fidelity is more critical.
2. If you are provided with one containing DNA and the other containing RNA. To identify the tube containing RNA which one of the following reagents would be most appropriate? Ethidium bromide solution 
3. Name some molecular technique used for knowing the gene polymorphism? PCR, SSCP, SNP, RFLP
4. Who was the father of Biotechnology? KARL EREKY 
5. What does GMO stand for and what is its role in Biotechnology? GMO - Genetically modified organism (GMO) is Genetic material of an organism is altered with the help of genetic engineering techniques generally known as recombinant DNA technology. DNA molecules from one source is combined with the DNA of other in vitro into one molecule to create a new gene. The recombinant DNA is then transferred into an organism causing the expression of modified or novel traits. The product is also known as a Genetically Engineered Organism or GEO.
6. What is a Living Modified Organism (LMO)?how it is different from GMO? Living modified organism, identical with GMO, means any living organism that possesses a novel combination of genetic material obtained through the use of modern Biotechnology. It can be any biological entity capable of transferring or replicating genetic material, including sterile organisms, viruses and viroids.
7. Which of the cerebral areas of the brain allows you to accurately follow directions on a map or reading a clock? Parietal lobe
1. what causes a microsatellite to exhibit so much of variation? by sowjanya
3. Which microorganism (pathogenic) has two circular chromosomes in its genome? by Chhavi Sharma
4. Why DNA Replication takes place only in 5-3 prime direction? by B.Pranavi
5. What is imino acid ? any example at NIIST by satya
6. which of the following is least used in stabilizing proteins? at RGCB by Mathu
a) Ester linkage
b) H bonds
c) Disulfide bonds
d) Hydrophobic interactions
Asked at VIT University, Vellore
1. Biotechnology is presently used to
2. Glycosylation of Secreted proteins takes place in....
3. Shell Fish culture is related to the cultivation of...
4. The Secondary Structure of proteins is best represented by
5. Filariasis is caused by
6. The specific name for Adenine is
7. What is used as an antacid?
8. How can you identify a gene? by Anil
9. why is RBC called as a cell even though it doesnot possess all the characteristic feautres of a cell? by Savita Panda
10. If you are provided with one containing DNA and the other containing RNA. To identify the tube containing RNA which one of the following reagents would be most appropriate.... by Arnab
11. wat is the significance of dihedral angles in Protein structure? by Jayaram
12. what are the sulphur containing amino acids? and In PCR what is the role of taq polymerase? by Saranya
13. If you are provided with two tubes one with RNAase & other with a protease & tubes are unlabelled then how will you differentiate between them? by Neha
14. If you are provided with one tube containing cells died by necrosis and other tube containg cells died by apoptosis. how you will diffrentiate them? by Moika Saxena
15. Is it necessary to SDS-PAGE before first dimension? why? by Vinay
16. What are the recent discoveries that lead to development of biotech field?
17. What are the nobel prize wining achievements of lifescience?
18. What is the use of analysing mi-RNA(Micro-RNA)?
19. Using the knowledge of Bioinformatics, If a "Gene sequence" and a "software updated computer" only are given - can that gene be cloned?
20. How is 0.2 M Glucose solution prepared for 20 ml.and what will be its pH.? by e.chandana