Why malaria is only spread by female Anopheles mosquito...........

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It is known that malaria is spread by female Anopheles mosquito. A simple question that usually comes to our mind is that “Why the males can’t spread it?”…..The only reason is that blood is not sucked for nutrition purpose, but the females take blood to supplement substances such as Protein and iron to develop eggs. Fact is that both male and female mosquitoes are nectar feeders, but the females of many species are also capable of drinking blood from mammals.Since the males do not take blood so they do not spread malaria. The females select their host on the basis of Carbon dioxide and organic substances produced by the host. Most mosquito species are crepuscular (dawn or dusk) feeders. During the heat of the day most mosquitoes rest in a cool place and wait for the evenings, although they may still bite if disturbed. Some species, like Asian tiger mosquito, are known to fly and feed during daytime. Prior to and during blood feeding, they inject saliva into the bodies of their source of blood. This saliva serves as an anticoagulant; without it, the female mosquito's proboscis would quickly become clogged with blood clots. Mosquitoes of the genus Toxorhynchites never drink blood. This genus includes the largest extant mosquitoes, the larvae of which prey on the larvae of other mosquitoes. These mosquito eaters have been used in the past as mosquito control agents, with varying success.


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