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Reproductive System

1) Testosterone is secreted by

a. sertoli cells of testis b. cells of adrenal medulla
c. cells of hypothalamus d. leydig cells of testis

Ans. d

2) Temporary methods of birth control which are best suited to prevent transmission of disease are

a. IUD b. spermatocides
c .condom d. Ru 486

Ans. c

3) Cryptorchidism means

a. descent of testis b. hypogonadism
c. hyperfunction of the testis d. undescended testis

Ans. d

4) Androgen binding Protein is produced by

a. adrenals b. hypothalamus
c. sertoli cells d. leydig cells

Ans. c

5) All of the following are produced by the corpus leuteum except

a. estrogens b. progesteron
c. relaxin d. F.S.H.

Ans. d

6) The testis is kept at a temperature of 2-3 degrees C below core temperature due to

a. contraction of cremasteric muscle b. contraction of dartos muscle
c. contraction of internal oblique muscle d. relaxation of cremasteric muscle and due to position of the testis outside the pelvic cavity

Ans. d

7) Early detection of pregnancy depends on detection of

a. FSH b. progesteron
c. LH d. HCG

Ans. d

8) Secondary amenorrhoea can most commonly be caused in the following conditions EXCEPT

a. age above 60 years b. stress
c. pregnancy d. competitive athletes

Ans. a

9) In the first 20 weeks of pregnancy, placental function is best assessed by urinary

a. pregnanediol b. pregnanetriol
c. chorionic gonadotropin d. estriol

Ans. c

10) Best method for diagnosing fetal lung maturity is

a. clinical examination b. ultrasonography
c. amniocentesis d. fetal kick counts

Ans. c

11) Full lung maturity is indicated by L/S ratio

a. 2:1 b. 3:1
c. 4:1 d. 5:1

Ans. a

12) The best method to diagnose Rh sensitization in the mother is

a. direct coombs test b. indirect coombs test
c. 'c' antigen d. 'a' antigen

Ans. b

13) Inhibin is secreted by

a. graffian follicle b. corpus leuteum
c. endometrium d. placenta

Ans. a

14) Maximal rise in the levels of prolactin are seen in

a. at term b. after delivery
c. during lactation only d. none of the above


15) Oestrogens are given in high doses to the mother to suppress lactation in

a. cleft palate in child b. highly obese mother
c. to prevent transmission of communicable disease like HIV d. inverted nipples

Ans. c