List of Top Bioinformatics Institutes in India

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Biology based on technology particularly used in agriculture, medicine and in food science is known as Biotechnology. The basic manipulation to modify processes or products with technological application upon living things and on biological systems to provide useful things is called Biotechnology. It deals with the usage of organisms directly to manufacture organic items. Some of the examples ofbiotechnology in India are beer and milk or dairy products.  

By the industrial activities, sites get polluted by used recycled and treat wastes are used in Biotechnology. The appliance of accessible scientific methods and techniques expected at improving the biological systems, including microorganisms, plants and animals is involved in biotechnology. It serves in mankind by the contribution to the industries of agriculture, health care and others.  

Biotechnology scope in India:- 
Asia has set to develop into a hot topic for biotechnology linked examine and development and India is invented to appear as a target which will observe a prominent development in the biotechnological sector. Everyone looks for studying out of India for biotechnology but there are various scopes in India only. You can find loads of biologists, engineers and other professionals engaged withbiotechnology.   
Biotechnology in India has developed under Bioinformatics, Agriculturalbiotechnology, Bio fertilizers, Plant Biology, Marine Biotechnology and National Bioresource Development.

How to pursue Biotechnology courses in India
You can opt for an under graduate course in either of these B.Tech, B.Sc, B.E. or an integrated 5 years B.Tech/M.Tech and after that post graduate courses in M.Sc or M.Tech in Biotechnology. Even after graduating in Chemistry, Physics, Microbiology and Biology you can also opt for a research in Biotechnology. After a PG degree you can alternatively get a PhD and even can pursue post doctoral research in the subject. If you want you can go beyond the Indian boundaries and continue like others.

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