Options for a NON GATE, B.Tech students with low CGPA to apply for M.Tech Biotechnology and allied programs and Procedure

This query was recently asked by one of our students and Our Junior Expert Ms Deepanwita took out time to write down a detailed article on this. We hope that it benefits you.

Answer: First of all I am happy to know that you are planning to pursue your masters in Engineering studies. Answer to this query in short is yes, you can apply for M.Tech program with a Low CGPA. For the procedure of how to go about please keep reading further.

A non gate student has several options to apply for various M.Tech programs in Biotechnology and allied fields. So please don’t lose hope and apply to the options available right away. Below I have tried to give you the possible ways of admission into M.Tech and M. S. (by Research) courses in various IITs, NITs, some very good Universities and State Colleges along with certain Private Universities. Hope this mail proves to be helpful.

Indian Institute of Technology (IITs) or National Institute of Technology (NITs):

Sponsored Candidates:  If you are working in industry for over three year and can prove that your employer is ready to allow you to go to study by letters from authority, you can apply under this category. There are few seats reserved under this category in both IITs and NITs.

Quality Improvement Program (QIP): This is started by Govt. of India to improve the quality of teaching staff in state colleges by giving them a chance to attend India’s top most engineering schools. All the faculty members with three years plus experience are eligible for this.